My name is Mike. I had one of the toughest situations regarding my son, and had at least fifteen other attorneys turn my case down. Without skipping a beat, Larry took the case and has worked more miracles than I can tell. When I say this is the best lawyer in Texas, I mean it. He cares about his clients, and fights tooth and nail for what they deserve.

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After over 20 years of using Mr. Chamberlin I have never had any complaints . A good unest lawyer & someone I like to call friend.

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The Chamberlin team has helped me many times over the years. A will, POAs and other medical documents for my wife and I, a will for my father-in-law along with POAs, reviewing contracts, giving advice, and being there when needed for recommendations if a particular issue was outside of their purview. One time I needed a contract reviewed and only had 45 minutes and it was done.

I totally recommend Chamberlin Law & Mediation.

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