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Wooden Spoon

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

By Larry Chamberlin, 05 April 2012

I cook with a plain wooden spoon

that has faint colors

in circular patterns faded

around it's handle.

There's nothing unique about it

but I would not consider

cooking any soup or stew

without this utensil.

It was a gift, a silly thing,

made by my child in second grade,

not meant for anything special

once brightly colored in vegetable dyes.

First used the evening she gave it to me

she left the table raving

how tasty the food became since

her spoon helped to cook.

Brilliant dyes have long ago faded,

yet it has an essential place

in the preparation of every dish

that calls for a stirring of love.

© 05 April 2012 Larry Chamberlin, Chamberlin Law & Mediation

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