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Dreams, ... and then?

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

By Larry Chamberlin, 06 February 2012

"All her dreams have come true" Yet in the face of this praise her gaze lowers, she stays quiet, for she knows that it is not so. Dreams she had as a younger woman have unquestionably been fulfilled but now it seems there is so far to go it is foolish to believe in her success. Once she yearned to move to distant land, fly the skies, marry well, mother children with handsome professional to protect and help her raise a family in love. All this came to pass as dreams sometimes do; and yet there was no end - no completion - no ever after. More worries came than happiness: concerns for her daughters, their lives, their success, their happiness; got in the way of her fairy tale ending. Ah! Now is the moment of recognition, if she'd had only those dreams, then fulfilled them, what would she have but the emptiness of a finished life? Her flights to the sky reveal new horizons, new journeys - the fortune of never ending quests and so life ever begins anew.

© 06 February 2012 Larry Chamberlin, Chamberlin Law & Mediation

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